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Thursday, March 06, 2008

did you ask for some more analysis? ...oh you did?!?

Let's start with the roman numeral stuff first...

Key: Eflat Major
m.13 : V, ii, V+9
m.14 : I, IV7
m.15 :I7, IV65
m.16 : IVhalfdim7/vi, vi42...fermataaaa...ii43
m.17 : I64
m.18 : V7
m.19 : I

Alright it's phrase time! The form for this piece is basically it's QUATERNARY! Why is not rounded binary you ask? because it doesn't " ba ba" like a sheep! Oh man, i am hilarious! Also, there is one main cadence that I found in this nice little tune. It occurs right at the end of the second a section, and the cadence is a, believe it or not, a half cadence! Shocking, I know.

And did you see all that contrast going on in bridge section? There were all these rhythmic differences AND a key change! What a nice refresher from that boring ol' a section! If you want to hear an midi rendition of this song, which I know you do, that features midi guitar, flute, violin, and some indistinguishable instrument check it herre yo!

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Scott said...

The cadence at the end of the second A is a PAC is the dominant key. There is a HC at m4 and m. 13, and of course the final PAC. Describe the rhythmic changes more, and don't forget to mention performance ideas and emotion/feelings that are engedered.