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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mozarts String quartet in D minor is a lovely piece in sonata form. The first section or “P” (mm. 1-8 ) begins with a haunting and legato line in the first violin, accompanied by a stark eighth note pattern from the violin and viola parts. This eighth note rhythmic motive gives the piece motion, pushing it forward as it grows in intensity and complexity. This is followed by the transition (mm.9-15) which ends with an imitated motive (?) in all four parts. The second theme extends from measure 15 to measure 33. It is then followed by a coda from 34 to the end. The second theme area features a wider variety of harmonic and rhythmic techniques than the first section.The development is in the key of Eb Major and includes measures 42-70ish This is moodier than the exposition.The recapitulation, as is expected, returns to the themes presented in the exposition. However, this time the transition does not lead us away from the original key of D minor. Then we have “S” which is in the same key since we haven’t modulated. It then ends with a shorter coda than in the exposition, sequencing upwards, concluding with a strong PAC. The end!

PS. Yay for Mozart! I really liked this piece. It had a wide range of emotions displayed and even though it has a lot of repeats and was kinda long, I was never bored. :)

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