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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ich Grolle Nicht und Im Rhein im heiligen strome

As you may know I am a big Mozart fan, so this being a Mozart piece makes this blog easier. The exposition of this piece is from measures 1 through 41; however the first theme is in measures 1 through 8. In the second key area, the expected key is III, but Mozart is not confined to the rules of music writing like we are. The next key area is bVII. In case I wrote that incorrectly, it cadences in C major, I think calling it VII would mean C# major, which is not the case. The first and second themes vary in the way of their quality. The first sounds much gloomier than the second. The second themes rhythm is much more free and jumpy giving it a peppier feel than first. I believe that the section at the end is better defined as a codetta than a closing theme. I don’t feel that the music is substantial enough on its own for a closing theme, even if it is a little long.
Measures 23 and 24; 30 and 31, the violin I plays a melody while the other accompany. Measures 15 and 16, the outer voices play a duet, measures 12 and 13 show a motive being passed through the voices.
In section D, the entire piece is in the tonic key. At the beginning of the second section, a D minor chord is played to secure the d minor-ness. The entry differs from the exposition, as well as the rhythm.
The development begins in Eb major, with help of octave Eb’s in the violin and an Ab in the cello. At measure 43 there is a do- ti motion in the violin that is repeated that could be a motive. It is repeated in all voice but the 2nd violin. The retransition is at measure 53, all of the voices come in at separate times. This might be to give the feeling of the instruments coming together to the end. Measure 42 to measure 43, the 1st violin plays a melody while other accompany. A violin cello duet in 58 – 62; 42 – 49, the do-ti motive passed through the voices; however I could not find a violin one and two duet, but I am sure there is one in there. Even in my time as a string player I never played in a quartet or at least not one of consequence, but I know the challenge is for all of the musicians to be on the same page musically. Stragglers are not welcome here. I find this string quartet quite interesting for a myriad of reason, most of which I have had to tell you already. Goodnight my dear colleagues and remember:

Im wunderschönen monat mai… we won’t have to do these blogs anymore. Even though I must admit when they are Mozart they are fun.


BakerHall said...

Ich Grolle Nicht was written by Shumann...

Anonymous said...

Written by Heinrich Heine and composed by Robert Schumann