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Thursday, February 21, 2008

WAM - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Sonata in C Major, K.545, third movement (p.155) Track 2.71-73

Roman numerals of measures 41-48 in the key of a minor:
m41: i64
m42: V
m43: i6
m44: V64 V6
m45: i iio III V6/iv
m46: iv
m47: N6 V64-53
m48: i

This movement is in C Major, but for this section it goes into the parallel minor key, a minor. The neapolitan sixth chord in measure is left in a typical progression using a V64-53 suspension. The Bflat Ra goes down to a Gsharp Ti, and the F Le goes down to a E sol. In the score it looks misleading as if the Le is going up to a sol rather than down because the left hand is written in treble clef and then switches back to bass clef right as it resolves. The neapolitan chord seems to stick out because there is a big cresendo with descending sixteenth notes leading up to it and then dimuendos as it is resolving. It has a lot of tension buliding up as it gets to the neapolitan chord. This piece is really interesting because the harmony don't change on the downbeat. The recording that came along with our scores is played on a fortepiano. It has a cute, light, crisp sound. Typical of Mozart.

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