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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benji's Mozart Rondo! (A)

Begin Log.

Well, I can honestly say that this wasn't as fun as last week's blog. But anyway...

There are two (I say "two") apparent Neapolitan chords in this movement. They occur in measures 33 and 47. The one in 33 is less pronounced, but it is there nevertheless. My analysis of measures 41-48 is as follows:
a: i64-V-i6-V64-iv43-iv-N6-i

Both Neapolitans are in the key of a minor. The one in measure 33 comes out of a i6 chord resolves to a v7 chord, which is typical of a Neapolitan chord. However, the one in measure 47 comes out of a passing v and resolves to a i64. The i64 is fine, but the v creates a tritone between the v and the N6. Awesome.

End Log.

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