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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Theme: Simple quarter note counterpoint.

I: 16th note runs in the right hand

II: 16th note runs in the left hand

III: triplets in the right hand

IV: triplets in the left hand

V: Right hand and left hand alternate on off beats

VI: 16ths in the left and right hand alternates off and on

VII: 16th note runs in the right hand with quarters and half notes in left.

VIII: Uses a minor key and chromatism.

IX: Variation most like the theme.

X: Fast and 16th note jumps by six

XI: Alot of runs in both hands

XII: Left hands plays very fast 16th notes.

Alot of the variations make great pip. In fact the first four are just inversions of each other. In these cases the hands just switch off the main motive. There are a lot of the inverted playing between the hands. There is a build of momentum at the X variation. In true Mozart fashion, the final movement has a much brilliant gusto as one piece can muster. The performer would need to keep as loose as possible and make sure that the runs are fast, but somewhat light. Mozart musical genius allows for simple runs and harmonies to never get boring, so it is always important to make sure that the preformer never feels like it is boring. Even if it is hard due to so called know it alls who only believe music is good when it is not in the classical style. Anyone who says that they don't like Mozart because they think it is boring, are stupid. There is so much to cherish in Mozarts music.

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