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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Muzio Clementi, Sonatina in C Dur, Op. 36, No.1, first movement

This sonatina is pretty much straight-forward, and I believe everyone has played it once (if you didn't you should. It's a very famous piece and a good exercise for the left hand-arpeggiated notes). The piece is mostly I-V-I... , but then it modulates to the dominant key (V),(G DUR).
There are several vii half diminished chords which are usually followed by I.

The B section begins with V7 chord followed by i MINOR which is obviously mixture chord. Those 8 measures (from m.16-m.23) are great example of modal mixture.
I MAJOR/DURRRrrrrr.... The left hand brings the first theme again just one octave lower.

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Scott said...

This is large-scale modal mixture, shifting to the parallel minor for an entire section rather than intermingled as in small-scale modal mixture.

What affect does this mixture have? How would you perform this piece to bring out that effect?