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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Handel's Suite No. 4 in D minor, Sarabande

This piece uses sectional variations. The original theme is 16 measures longs. It is made of two parallel phrases. The first ends on a HC while the second ends on a PAC. The rhythm is the same for both phrases of the theme until the last four measures that differentiates them toward the cadences. The harmonic material is the same in the first variation. It too is a parallel period. The last three measures of the second phrase are more dense with more movement in the individual voices. The rhythm changes at the end as well. The second variation, the upper chords are sustained with the same repeated rhythm throughout. The lowest voice is very scalar and uses different harmony than the original. I think this is a contrasting period because although the upper voice chords are the same, the harmony is different. This variation really seems to be moving directionally forward. I think both of the variations are contrapuntal. I don't understand what it means to look at the bigger picture of the piece. I'll ask in class tomorrow.


Mr. Luxury Yacht said...

Good job. I think the big picture is how each overall variation compares to the original theme. Ones in different keys or harmonies could be seen as a development and when they return to a variation similar to the theme that could be seen as a kind of recapiulation.

jendpu said...

Cool. I like how you discussed the original theme itself as sort of a basis to go on for the rest of the piece.